You Have Reached the Future Home of Youth Apologetics Training

Answer Ready MinistriesThat’s right!  I am in the process of changing the name of the ministry.  Don’t worry.  The podcasts and content will not be changing.  I have simply found that it is incredibly difficult to tell people the name of Youth Apologetics Training.  The common response is “Youth what?”  If you are unfamiliar with this ministry come check it out.  Youth Apologetics Training is a podcast and blogging based ministry that looks in depth at issues like worldviews, cult research, creation and evolution, Bible difficulties/contradictions, the divine inspiration of God’s word and so much more.  Learn to make a biblical defense.  A.R.M. yourself with the truth.

Answer Ready Ministies is going to be a construction site for the next month or two. Check back once in a while and see how things are going.  I have a ton of work to do to switch things over, so it may take a while.

Brandon Hopper is creating an Answer Ready Ministries Logo for me…I’m pretty excited. Brandon does great work.

The following is my podcast archive.  To date I have 470 free podcasts on worldviews, cult research, creation and evolution, Bible difficulties and so much more.  All podcasts are free.  A.R.M. yourself with the truth!

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